Keep on

The wound is fresh, the heart is broken,

too many words are left unspoken,

she left him once, she left him twice,

to leave him with despair, demise.


Her smell still lingers in the air,

leaving traces everywhere,

there is no back, there is no forth,

there is no south, there is no north.


Only here and only now,

what he can`t bear is the word How.

the mirror smiles back, all but a mask,

and leaves him with a bitter task.



A small hand grabs him:

„Daddy, what is wrong?“

Daddy knows, has to move on!

oh Daddy knows, has to move on!


The lonely road, that he is walking,

there is no reason, for more talking.

everybody has his fate,

and for regrets it´s just too late.


Oh Daddy knows, has to move on!

Yes Daddy knows, has to move on!


He roared her name, he crushed her door,

but when he entered she was no more.

nothing left but pain and sorrow,

broken heart and no tomorrow.


Oh Daddy knows has to move on.


But two brown eyes ,

pulled him into the light again,

stronger than every muscle man:

Oh Daddy please, now just move on!”

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